Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oneness Is The Cure-All

We are all One regardless of race, religion, orientation, or colour. Oneness transcends the physicality’s that are in the physical.

Oneness is Universal, it is etheric, it is Spirit, and it is Connection.

The moment we tap into that Oneness, embrace it in knowing-ness, is the moment that we start to open our eyes with new sight. Every-thing and every-one is seen with an amazing amount of love, and true beauty is seen. Complete and total acceptance of one and all is embraced. Sorrow becomes a fleeting moment, in that Knowing that ultimately we are all One and thus we will always be together. Anger becomes obsolete as the need for such is washed away with the transcendence above minor aggravations. And while we may still experience various emotions, understanding and acknowledging them, but then letting them simply flow on, helps us to remain connected to the present moment without dissociating and becoming emotion-less.

This is not about losing emotion and becoming robotic. This is about understanding, acknowledging, accepting, for the lessons in experience and mind-expansion which may later aid you in the teaching experience.

In this understanding, we rise above the meaning of "emotion" as defined in temporal logic, to that of a greater understanding, a Self-realized understanding and connection to the ethereal emotions.

In this place, we will experience less dis-ease, for any dis-ease of the body, or mind, is a physical manifestation of the previous moment's negativity.

Whatever we feel or think or experience, if not released but rather buried deep within, will at some point in time need to be released. How does the physical body remove something that is affecting the Spiritual Self? It creates dis-ease, dis-comfort. It produces events that bring one to realisation. It brings one to awakening.

What do I mean by "awakening"?

The human body was designed as a complex and highly evolved vessel for the purpose of carrying the Self; the Divine You and the Divine Me, and the Divine We, to encounter the human life experience.

Scientists and metaphysicians have, for years, said that we only use a small portion of our brains. Sci-fi creators have shown us in movies and books, that those who are 'alien' are much higher evolved in that they utilize much more of their brain functions.

But the connection is still not being made between Self and self.

Whatever becomes manifest within our human bodies, is a direct information message from the Divine Self - the "soul" if you will, to express that it is time for us to move forward, and upward.

Many people are not aware of this, nor do they embrace it. An individual becomes diagnosed with an illness, and they immediately take ownership over the illness; they call it "my ... disease"; such as "My diabetes", "My cancer", "My flu"... etc.

Owning it locks it into place within the human body. It does not release it. It does not give it permission to leave.

But first, we must look at what has caused these dis-eases. Most people will look at the scientific reasons; "I smoked for X number of years", "My parents had diabetes and heart disease", etc...

The first thing that we must do, is let go of the excuses that have caused and created such dis-ease(s) and understand the reason(s) WHY they have manifested into physicality.

Here is a scenario, a young girl is molested. She endures the pain in loss of trust, physical pain, and becomes emotionally ill.

As she grows older, she cannot trust others, she looks at her body as the cause of the originating "problem". If she looked a certain way, maybe she would not have been molested.

So, she begins to starve herself (or maybe overeat) in a two-fold issue; 1) to punish the body that created the allure to the molester, and 2) to create a body that no one would wish to harm.

Maybe, she begins to cut herself, or burn herself. Psychologically, we can analyze this as the self-mutilation in order to release and "feel". But often, those emotions that drives one to such activity, is not just the "high" sought from the pain, but the Self being translated and understood by means of release – which is what creates that temporary “high” feeling. But these methods of release have been MIS-understood, and MIS-interpreted by the conscious mind.

And as time progresses, maybe this individual attempts suicide, becomes overly consumed with the pain of the experience(s), that they now have created a dis-ease within the mind, of depression, or bi-polar, or borderline personality, etc...

The more she holds on to the pain and angst of the experience(s), there becomes physical dis-ease within the body. Maybe cancer...

OK, I stop here to explain.

Often, those who are diagnosed with such dis-eases as cancer can tell of times in their past that they were hurt or experiences which they still hold on to - maybe it is anger, fear, sorrow, etc.

The Divine Self works in such a manner that while we are experiencing these cognitive and physical happenings, the "boss" (to use a crass expression) – which is the all-knowing Divine Self – that Connected Oneness - over this physical body will express when it is time to let go. When it is time to eradicate the past experiences and move forward.

So, it creates a dis-ease to occur in the body, such as cancer. If we stop looking at this dis-ease as a death sentence, and we start to look at it as the blessing that is there to wake us up, and help us to revisit the negativity of our past, ball it all up, and truly let it go.

In the instance of an individual who has been molested or offended, there must also come in the release, a forgiving. The individual who committed the act(s) was a very sad individual who had no power or control in some aspect of their own life, so they exercised their power and control over another, and stole that instead of going within and creating it for themselves. To continue to allow the pain and sorrow of incidents that happened in the past to affect you, hold you back, keep you down, is continuing to feed energy to the individual. In essence, you are now willingly giving your power and control to the individual(s) who took it from you. Why are you still giving them what they want? When will you decide to take back your power and control, and cut the line that is feeding them?

In holding on to anything negative, we are feeding part of our Selves into it, and thus creating vacuums of positive space within our Selves. When we do this, we are left unprotected and dis-ease has room to manifest into something physical and thus turning that positive space into negative space.

In the past few years, I have begun to hear more and more people speak about "bucket lists". Things that they wish to do, see, and accomplish before they die. Most people have, on their bucket list, things like bungee diving, or visit the Taj Mahal, or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, etc. In fact, there is a whole comedy series dedicated to doing things on a bucket list.

But I think that the premise of this is misunderstood. While it is wonderful and great to visit these places, undertake such activities, these are all surface things.

The deeper picture of such a list would be to revisit the past for a moment in time to release things which have potential to manifest into physical dis-ease later down the line.

To revisit those times in your life which have caused much pain and sorrow and upset, to look back at it from the present time, acknowledge that it occurred but then to come to the resolve to no longer give it the energy that it has been feeding off of you for so long, and cut that energy flow. Simply cut it off. When we cut energy flow to anything, it dies. Even a ceiling fan, when energy bursts something within and that flow of electricity is lost, the fan ceases to work, ceases to operate, and it dies.

So too with all these experiences, bundle them up into a ball that is the negative past, and cut off the energy that had fed them. Then let it all go.

At that moment in time when we can view our Selves, not as mere physical creations, but truly digest and understand that we are nothing more than Spiritual Be-ings that are driving a physical body and having a physical experience; and we remove EGO from the equation of what is and what is not, we will begin to walk the path to attain Oneness.

Oneness, I can very easily sum it up to mean that connection of the Divine Self and the physical self. Then taking that Oneness of Self-realisation further, to connect to others, in acknowledging that we are all the same, are all one small part of the great One.

When we each can attain this level of Oneness and Connectedness and Understanding, we accept all, then at that time, we will evolve as a race and true peace will be upon this earth.

So, now is the time when we start to wake up. Start to eradicate before it can physically manifest. Open yourself up and Connect, and become At One.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Spirituality Doesn't Always "Work"

Many people embrace the idea of creating positive change in their lives. They begin by going through the motions - maybe buying self-help books, watching inspiring and uplifting movies that talk about creating positive change. Maybe they will begin to meditate, or they will seek out a Spiritual Master to learn from and follow.

With as much good intentions that these individuals have within themselves for creating positive change, many will fall short, fall flat, or simply fall. Give up, give in, and return back to old habits. Some may even become cynical in their life and situations.

Many of us have seen this happen. We have watched these things unfold over the years. From the early days in the 1960s, when spirituality was becoming part of the centralized picture for many in the Western world. When Eastern philosophies began to emerge, and people began to create positive changes.

To the 1980s when this movement began to take on a new turn in it's evolving in the Western world.

A few years ago, new movies and books came out which garnered almost cult-like following in individuals sitting and manifesting and attracting to them in effort to fulfill the Law of Attraction movement. But when the "magic" that seemed to be promised did not eventuate for those sitting and staring at vision boards, and day-dreaming their lives away expecting miracles to occur with no action on their own part, the doubt and cynicism began to emerge once again.

While many may look at these efforts as "failures", I view them as blessings. Each has been a moment in time where minds were expanded, opened, and a little more understanding garnered. And while the stories may not have been complete, it was a beginning of a foundation - maybe a doorway to the foundation which was to be laid.

So, why have most of these things all faltered and a majority of people losing the "plot"? The reason is simple. People continue to believe in, or choose, the parts that they want to... the "easy" parts, but do not choose to embrace the entire. This is the biggest falter. We choose what is easy, what is pleasant - the "fluff", but to truly release the negatives and become absolutely free, we must also look and embrace the parts that earth-bonded individuals may find distasteful, or "difficult" to accept. Remember, that comes from EGO, and EGO is Edging God Out.

Many people view God - or form of Divinity - as an aspect apart from our Selves. A distant Being that is an entity or "person" contained within ItSelf.

Instead of accepting and digesting that the truth is, we are ALL Divine. We each are God/Divine embodied into human, and physical, form. God is everywhere and God is Us, just as much as we are God.

This is not understood and embraced from the EGO, earth-held-down concept, but from a spiritual perspective and understanding.

When we can separate our Selves from our experiences, we can then truly come to a place within that allows for the complete and total cognition that we truly are nothing more than Spiritual Be-ings having an earth-bound, physical experience.

At that time of understanding, and cognition, that each and every experience we encounter is solely for our own spiritual progression, on our own path to attain Nirvana/Jannah/Paradise - that place where time truly is endless, and returning and reliving and re-experiencing, becomes obsolete.

When we attain this Knowing that we are separate from our experiences, and that each is simply a lesson for us to learn, which in time will then be utilized in teaching, we understand that things do not happen TO us, but rather THROUGH us. And when we can come to this place of releasing the desperate need to grasp on to the emotion of things that we perceive have happened TO us, we truly become free to simply live and experience.

While emotion is still attached to each experience, we come to a place where we can understand the need to express emotion without allowing it to become a control issue. We can simply experience, and then release it once we have experienced.

Holding on desperately to emotion becomes a habit. We create pain in that desperation to hold on to the habit. That pain becomes something that we understand, we "know" it, we become lost in it, we continue to allow abuse to occur because of it. We identify with it, and it becomes our identifying label.

The question then must be, what purpose does it serve for us? Have we learned from it? And if we have learned from it, what is the point of still holding on to it? Are we still learning, or have we become lost in the habit of simply holding on?

Once we can understand and realise that our experiences are separate from Us (the Divine Spirit that is encapsulated by the physical form), and we release hold of any and all negative emotions holding us captive, then we can approach all experiences with that open knowledge that they are nothing more than learning experiences. That they are not happening TO us, but are there to go THROUGH us - for us to learn and experience from, later to be passed on in teaching.

When we can truly grasp this, embrace it and KNOW it, then we will also be able to see through our Spiritual eye, and observe experiences around us, without becoming caught up in the earth-bound physical norms of emotion.

We will be able to look upon a perpetrator of an incident and an individual preyed upon, as individuals chosen to teach and lessons in experienced necessary for the soul's progression.

Each of us, in our various incarnations, have experienced life on "both sides of the fence". We have each been murderers, rapists, child molesters, politicians, wealthy, poor, murdered, raped, robbed, spiritual, teachers, etc... etc... etc...

Every incarnation brings with it a new lesson. We choose the lesson we are to learn, and when the time is Divine, we learn the lesson - or we choose to provide the lesson for another. Which is why labels such as "victim" carry such negativity because we are placing our Selves in a lesser, and subservient plane. What we are saying is that this experience happened TO us, and not THROUGH us as the powerful and strong spirit we are that chose (or was chosen) to be in the blessed moment to create the lesson, or to learn that which we needed in the experience for that incarnation.

When we judge another for their lesson, or their teaching in any particular incarnation, we are truly judging our own Selves - if we have not already lived through the incarnation where we have experienced this, then we are judging what is yet to come.

At the moment that each of us "gets" this, our own individual and personal "Ah-ha moment"; is when our lives will truly turn around. When we will no longer equate ourselves with victimization to environmental experiences which are given to us at the exact perfect moment in time when we are ready to learn. When we "get this", we rise above all labels. We experience and learn and accept and see the blessing in everything.

Responsibility will still be garnered but it is a different kind of understanding of that responsibility. We accept the responsibility that it was something that needed to occur when it did for our own spiritual progression, as well as the karmic progression of those associated with it. When we come to this place, we can heal ourselves from that which we caused (the guilt), and that which we had inflicted/taught to us (the victim label). And when healing is attained, forgiveness and release complete, understanding in learning, then we become freed of our karmic and emotional ties, and open to continued progression in learning.

Experiencing life through Spiritual eyes, lifts us from the burdens that ransack our bliss and the beauty and excitement of adventure that each new moment brings. When we embrace every single opportunity for experience, no matter where you are in the present moment - if you are sitting in your mansion on a hill, or a jail cell in a prison - you will be free. Completely and totally free. And you will LIVE life with exuberance, bliss and complete acceptance of where you are in the gift that is the present.