About Leyla

Growing up in Hong Kong, and traveling the world extensively in her youth, Leyla’s eyes were opened to life as it is, not as portrayed in the illusion of the society in which she belonged.  

In her late teens and early twenties, Leyla went through life-altering situations which helped her experience a different side of life.

An abusive first marriage, which ended in the suicide death of her husband, homelessness, poverty, a near-death experience, and a renewal of life brought Leyla a wealth of experiences which she utilizes in her work today.

Leyla teaches and speaks from a deeply personal level, often from experience and intuition, always with love. She has seen a lot of life and embraces the lessons learned in each experience. 

Leyla's goal in life is to reach out and touch as many lives, in a positive and inspirational way, as possible.

Leyla's journey through this life, has brought her to a deeply Spiritual place, and she is an avid believer that each individual on earth is connected by a Divine Connection found in the "God DNA" strand. It is from this understanding that Leyla teaches unconditional love and compassion amongst individuals, especially when consulting and "release" of past events techniques.  

A Speaker, Empowerment Consultant, Radio Show Host, Best-selling Author, and former Editor-in-Chief of “Magnify You” Magazine, Leyla brings her Light, inspiration, story, and understanding to those who come in contact with her. 

Her remarkable trademark in teaching others to identify, and then remove the blocks/obstacles which hold them back in attaining a life of success, has brought audiences the world over to learn from Leyla.