Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Change", The Theme of the Day

(Originally posted: Tuesday, 7 February 2012)

Today, I embark on my journey of this day with an attitude of "change" feeling like an overbearing presence. True, things have been such lately where I've had "Up" and "Down" moments, but these have all been external. And by that, I mean, they have been controlled by someone outside of my Be-ing. Information given has created my spirits to soar, or brought be crashing down with a thump. Then the questions of "why?" comes to me...

WHY am I allowing someone else control over my life?
WHY am I allowing outside influences to control my emotions?
WHY am I allowing others to dictate what my path is?
WHY am I allowing myself to be subjected to other's?
WHY am I allowing myself to lose control over Me?
WHY am I allowing Self to be injured?
WHY am I allowing all this?

The trending is obvious... "allowing". I have been giving permission to others to control my moods, my highs and my lows, my concerns, my feelings of being "stuck", my being held back, my being in a "holding pattern". I had given up my power and control to others, and then I began to suffer for it.

Tonight is the full moon. It was quite poignant in what this full moon was creating; change. " The Full Moon is Tuesday, February 7 at 2:57 PM Mountain Standard Time. If anything is really stuck in your life right now it will show up in its full glory. Use the influence of the full moon to identify what it is and to move something that will begin a shift in the situation. It could be more communication in a stagnant relationship, it could be changing something in your work or it could be finally making a decision you have been putting off. Honor this movement with moving something around in your immediate environment. At the least get some fresh flowers for your home and maybe clean out your fridge. Most of all, have a little humor regarding all the seductive drama around you and practice some neutrality even if what is up for you in your life is difficult. See this time as an opportunity instead of something you must put up with and survive. Enjoy!"It is a period of change for many of us. But we cannot allow the dicates of others to control much of the change. Gandhi so aptly put it "Be the change...", and while the quote is broken, this is the most important. Be the change you wish to see in the world, in your environment, in every aspect of who YOU are and YOUR world, just simple BE.

Often, with change comes release. Release of energy, release of control over you, and release of physical presences. That might mean spring cleaning, cleaning out your junk closet, or clearing from your life those who hold you back and hold you down - the ones who have been running and dictating your life.

What we each have to continually hold on to is that we are each individuals. We are each unique. No-one has right to hold you down or hold you back, dictate what you can and can not do, play with your emotions or your heart, or give you false hopes.

But, we cannot control what others choose to do. What we can control is how we react, and how we choose to allow these things to affect us, or if we even choose to allow it at all.

We each have a voice, and a basic Universal freedom to stand up and say "No! No more!" and then create that change in our lives.

Today, I am undertaking that change. I am releasing that (and those) who have attempted to control different aspects of my life where I felt out of control of.

It's a good day. A day of liberation. A day of change. A day to create vacuums to be filled by positives and things which will take me in the direction that I choose to go.

This is not about EGO-based selfishness, but rather Divine Selfishness, where we receive for the Self in order to become whole for all others.

I am ready, I am excited, and I am jumping off this super highway of consitency and exiting at "Change" and embracing the opportunity to shake things up, and have fun doing so...

Take a deep breath, and release...



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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're All Perfect

In the past, I have often spoken about labels, but I felt inspired to speak about this again, and to also extend this a little further - to the seeking of the label of "perfection". I want to speak about those labels that we assign ourselves, and those that we assign to others. It seems, our species is one where we feel uncomfortable simply accepting individuals, without having to place others in a category.

It also feels as if we assign guilt to ourselves through these labels. And the labelling and the self-guilt imposition, seems to also go hand-in-hand.

A friend recently divulged to me that they felt guilty because another friend was a drug addict, and that they had helped to perpetuate the addiction. And even though, the friend who is addicted had forgiven my friend their part in the addiction, my friend still held on to that guilt.

I told my friend that in any situation, barring that they had tied the friend down and stuck a needle full of drugs into their arm, the other person always has a choice. They can choose to fall into the trap of drugs, or they can choose to say "No".

This is the same with every situation in life. We can choose to fall into the trap of... (fill in the blank), or we can choose to say no.

If we get upset at something someone says, we are choosing to allow the other person to have an affect over us, and choosing to react to the words said.

How does all this go hand-in-hand with labeling? For one, when we label ourselves, we are giving other people permission to see us as the label portrays us. So for instance, if I were to keep saying "I Am fat... I really need to lose weight... Have you seen this extra tire around my waist?... etc"; I am giving others the label in which to see me as, instead of seeing me as simply, "Leyla".

Seeing a friend as an "addict" is still placing them into a category and a label. For us to be able to break free of the labels, we first need to stop placing labels and categories on ourselves, and others, and simply just see. What action they (or we) are taking in our lives, does not indivdiualize us as that label. We are still individuals Be-ings.

Another example, I wear a head scarf which identifies me to others as a Muslim. And while that is my religious path, it is not my identifier. In fact, those who know me, know that I identify more with my spirituality than what my religion labels me as. I embrace all goodness, in all paths, and above all, I am connected deelply with my Creator. I wear the head scarf for my own deeply personal reasons. But because we live in a society of labels and categories, people see me and stop and stare. Some smile, and some look upon me in fear, simply for wearing a scarf. Those who follow me, have followed me for years, and have heard me speak, etc., will know that there truly is nothing to fear in me. In fact, when I observe someone look at me in fear, or stopping dead in their tracks to scope me out, I tend to smile widely at them and say "Hello". I choose to not fall into the realm of the label they are placing on me, and instead choose to embrace them into my energy of love and openness. How they choose to react to my offer of acceptance and extension of that embrace, is up to them.

Another label many strive for, is the label of "perfection". What we don't realise and see, is that at this very moment, we are each perfect already. We are each exactly where we are supposed to be on our individual journeys through this earth experience. Some of us are in a place where we are filled with sorrow, or surrounded by anger and we wonder "how is this perfect?". It is perfect because right at this very minute, what you are going through is a lesson in experience. In the next minute, or two, or three, this very lesson may be used to help another person. It may be that we are fulfilling karma from past moments in this life, or previous lives. Every moment, every instant, has a specific purpose. And because of that, it is perfect.

So we do not need to "strive" for perfection, we already attain it.

Perfection is often seen from an earthly viewpoint of having everything we desire. But the truth is, when we remove all matter and substance, and we become that of our true nature, which is simply energy, we are already in perfection. We already have everything we desire, because we are in everything and everything, is in us. We are a part of the Creator, the energy mass that we also call God, and in that we are each, all already, perfect.



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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Silence Is Golden...

Most people will associate the terminology "Silence is Golden" these days, with the pre-movie reel in theatres reminding patrons to turn off the cell-phones. But this saying goes much deeper than simply turning off an electronic device while sitting and being over-saturated with visual and mental stimulus in a dark movie theater.

In our world today, we are constantly "plugged in" to one device or other. No longer do we leave home to go shopping or for lunch/dinner without being tied to a communication device, constantly being "available". We are linked into and hooked up to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter constantly being "updated" to what is happening with our friends and those we follow. We receive breaking news in an instant via these devices, and because we can now access them through our mini mobile phones. We are constantly inundated with information.

Over-saturation in max-overdrive!

And while having these conveniences are an advantage in so many ways, as with any convenience, it can become a little over-the-top. As a human race, we are all so plugged in to one big communication device; and while the tether attaching us to this big communication device is wireless, nonetheless, we are still all attached.

Over the past few days, I have spoken about several different things, and I'd like to refer back to my article regarding the Divine DNA for a moment here. In that article, I explained how every single sentient being is connected via the Divine DNA. I explained that this is how we can communicate to each other and how that manifests when we look at someone from a distance and think something about them, or mention something about them, and they look directly at us - and we know they could not have heard us.

Communication devices today, have taken over the Divine Connection in so many ways. It keeps us occupied constantly, fillng our minds completely and not leaving time (or space) for Divine Communication to flow, or more importantly, for us to hear, and listen, when it does flow.

Years ago, I took a class on angels. And in this class, the instructor explained that at those times when we have that high pitched ringing sound in our ears, it is the Universe and Angels communicating with our souls. When it is too high, to simply say "Lower the frequency, please" and it will tune it down. And it does work, I do it often.

In our over-stimulus today world today, how often do we overlook or ignore these messages that are coming through to us? Either in the direct manner of the high pitched frequency, or more subtly? And how often does that "ringing in the ear" do nothing more than produce a frustrated feeling within?

Human Beings have attempted to become the operator of our physical bodies and our consciousness for far too long. In so doing; we, as a world populace, are filled with more stress, dis-ease, and lack in all areas. When we stop ourselves, take time for silence and to allow our soul/consciousness to connect, when we simply allow our Selves to flow and become as water, things begin to materialize for us faster, easier, and without much effort.

When I was in high school in Australia, we had one week where we were instructed by two motivational mentors. In that week I learned something that has stayed with me for over 20 years now, "work smart, not hard". As I sit in my living room this afternoon, living here in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona; enjoying the slight breeze that is making the wind chimes sing their song, as an accompaniment to the birds singing gleefully in the citrus trees; I think about how easy life truly is when we allow ourselves to simply just go with the flow. To allow the Universe to move us as we need to. To give ourselves up to the Universe, and as if on a tire flowing down a lazy-river, just enjoying the ride. Knowing that the Universe will provide all we need, when we need, and having that faith in that knowing. To me, that is working smart, not hard. Yes, still there is work involved, anything we wish to accomplish or achieve in life, still must take action. But, it's not hard work, it's smart work, it's going with the flow and simply allowing life to reveal the next step before you.

I think back to how I ended up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had met my husband and moved down to Arizona to be with him. Where he was living was not an area which either of us liked, and the individual he was living with created a lot of issues for us. I had no idea about places in the Valley of the Sun, only that there seemed to be no greenery in this State whatsoever. One afternoon, we took a drive and ended up in Scottsdale. I fell in love at first sight, not just with the area, but the greenery and the energy also. I told my husband that this is where I wanted to live. He told me that this was a very expensive area, and we could probably never afford it. I told him that there was no such thing as "never", that if it is meant to be, it will happen. In my mind, I was already living here.

A few days later, we were speaking with friends when one lady was saying how her son was having some big problems. He was a manager of some apartments and someone had moved out in the middle of the night, and he needed to find someone to fill the apartment. I asked where the apartment was located, and learned that it was in Scottsdale. I asked how much was the rent, and it was right within our budget. Within another week, everything was finalized and we moved to Scottsdale. My husband was astounded.

When we slow down, when we allow silence into our Be-ingness, when we connect soul and consciousness, we can manifest easier because we know that we are on harmonic frequency with the Universe's timing.

When was the last time that you turned off your computer, your iPad, cell-phone, telephone (I was shocked when I was informed a few months ago that I was the only person a woman had encountered who still had a landline phone and no cell phone!), tv, radio and any other stimulus, and spent a day in complete and total silence?

Here is my challenge to you, find a day this week, any day, and spend it in complete and total silence. If you cannot manage a full day, then half a day, even 3 hours of a day. Just allow yourself to enjoy the silence. Quieten your mind. Meditate. Breathe deeper. Focus on your breathing. Smile. Just enjoy Be-ing. If you can extend it to two days, three days, fabulous. Just take a break from all the electronic stimuli, and from being so connected and "plugged in" to a system that is man-created. Instead, pull yourself back and focus on the much bigger Universe - even the universe that is contained within a tiny seed. It's wonders are amazing. Ponder on things as you allow the Universe to flow it's knowledge into you.

Take note of how you feel. Do you feel at peace? Were you able to relax in to the silence, or did you find yourself growing impatient or bored, or even frustrated? When we experience the negative feelings, it is simply our minds that are going through a withdraw of the electronic stimuli. Children who are allowed to sit in front of television sets or playing games continually, who have these things taken away from them, and they are forced to go outside to play, have the issues of anger even more greatly because of how addicted their minds have become to the stimuli. So, it is good for even children, to have such stimuli removed and help them to enjoy silence, and experience the wonders of the natural world around them.

When I look at the saying "silence is golden", I envision the gold that can be found in the auras of those who are highly developed spiritually. This gold is the Divine Connection that is seen in the auras of those individuals - especially in aura photography.

Gold in the aura signifies a "Spiritual energy and power activated and awakened; an inspired person. Gold is the colour of enlightenment and divine protection when observed in the aura colors. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is divinely guided.When looking at aura colors gold also indicates a strong connection to the “I AM” presence of the Divine." [Source]

When you take time to experience silence, and you apply this to your life each day, you will find yourself discovering more, as the Universe can now connect with you and teach you as you need, and your Spirit Self and your Conscious Self become One. You will be privvy to thoughts and ideas you never had previously, and then you will stumble across something, or someone, where your thoughts become validated and you receive confirmation. This is when you know that you are in a harmonious vibrational frequency with the Universe, your Spirit and your Conscious Self.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

"I Am" - How You Co-Create Your Destiny

When I awoke this morning, just before doing my morning meditation, I felt strongly urged to talk about this concept of "I Am". Then, as I do often before starting my work, I checked into Facebook and to the Village of Abundance group. And what do I see before my eyes? Yet another confirmation from the Universe that I am on a conducive vibrational frequency, by a small post by my friend Tee Crane, entitled "I Am".

I chuckle at these things right now, not out of EGO, but rather with a sense of extreme joy. Last night, as I finished writing about Divine DNA and was editing it, I turned on an interview Oprah conducted with Wayne Dyer. He was talking about, what he calls the "spark of God" which is the same thing that I call "Divine DNA". It was an electrifying moment of confirmation, that I am providing what the Universe knows needs to be heard right now. It truly is an exciting prospect serving as one is meant to serve; going with the flow and allowing the Universe to carry you as It so needs. It's complete surrender of EGO and Self, and then receiving the knowledge that you're on track. It's an extremely powerful experience and emotion.

I do not believe in "coincidence". I believe that every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. Maybe it is a lesson in learning, maybe it is to help us gauge how far along we are in our progress of growth, and maybe it is simply confirmation telling us that we are exactly where we need to be at this present moment, doing that which we need to be doing which is on the same vibrational frequency as the Universe.

Since Tee's little post had such an impact on me, I feel it only fair to share it here with you before I continue on.

"I AM is clarity - it requires no description. 
Our identity is not our circumstance. 
When we say things such as "I am poor", or "I am suffering" 
- we express our confusion. 
In truth who I AM is ALL that is. 
Each of us is an aspect of the divine - not an emotion, or a situation 
- but the true and complete power and presence of all creation 
- that is what stirs within us. That is who we truly are. 
All else is illusion. Be convinced of your magnificence." 
~ Tee Crane

* * *    * * *    * * * 

When I first heard the concept of "I Am", it was as a young teenager. My mother was teaching me the power of the words "I Am" and how these two simple words, made impacts that created destinies. She told me "Leyla, you can become all that you wish to become by simply saying the words, "I Am"."

At the time, I did not understand her. Was she speaking about magic? Making anything happen? I was confused. She also told me to be careful about what I created. As Tee beautifully says in his quote above, "I Am" is a beautiful clarity, but when we identify ourselves with things of the negative, we confuse our "I Am", and in confusion easily comes chaos.

What is "I Am"? For this, it is necessary to go back to the time of Moses in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, when asked what is God's name, God replies "I Am That I Am". To loosely quote The Moses Code's explanation, simply adding a comma, changes everything; "I Am That, I Am".

This really does change everything.

In his explanation of coming to this conclusion, Neale Donald Walsche explained how for 60 minutes he identified himself with everything he observed and made the statement "I am that" whenever he saw anyone. Finally, his friend asked him what was he talking about, and Neale explained that he was just observing that he was the homeless person, the angry person, etc. His friend answered and said that he was not a homeless man, or someone angry or a child that he was himself. And Neale answered "No, really I am that, I am"; and at that moment he saw that everything correlated, that as God is everything, so are we everything.

While this helps us to identify with others, on the same Divine DNA level, there is also another side to "I Am"; which, by the way, is the most powerful statement in our Universe.

God answered "I Am That, I Am" (comma added), and the way our minds are wired, when we say "I Am" we are in essence creating a "That" and making that solidifying declaration "I Am".

The way that our Spirit bodies and minds work, it believes that when we declare "I Am" (and it is a declaration) we are stating a true fact. This is the key, to manifesting everything into our lives - positive or negative (as we so choose). When we make this declaration, our psyches begin to work on our physical Selves and spurning us to action, thus actively becoming a participant in the creation of our manifested desires.

For instance, when diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, I tried very hard to not identify with the diagnosis, to not own it. I refused to say "I Am, a diabetic". It was a diagnosis, it was not who "I" was. I refused to own it. While it is something that is in my body, what I Am doing is working to eradicate it from my body with diet and exercise.

Another vice that I struggled with for 30 years, is smoking cigarettes. It has been an on again, off again roller coaster ride. Over a year ago, after my father died, I was in a place where I felt like I was covered in complete darkness in my sorrow, I once again returned to that crutch of smoking. For the past six months, I have discussed quitting together with my husband, but did not have the sense or will power to really "want to". Finally, night before last, I made my decision and I put down my last cigarette and declared "I Am a non-smoker". For the past two days, I have gone about my day without even the smallest craving for a cigarette, because I Am a non-smoker. It is something I know and because I have made the declaration, it simply is.

We manifest things into our lives constantly. We are the co-creators of our lives and our destinies. When we say things like "I am sick, I am struggling, I am not doing well, I am poor, I am sad, I am depressed... etc", we manifest these things into our lives with an abundance of negativity that generally comes with each thing. The more we believe in these "I Am's" the more we become buried and lost underneath them.

When my Dad passed away in 2010, it was the final straw that broke my back and broke me down. I'd retired from my radio show, my consulting, speaking engagements and my magazine towards the end of 2009 and totally retired at the beginning of 2010. I was becoming bored and lost in this self-imposed place where I was attempting to take time to work on my health and create positive change.

Instead, the opposite happened. The further I came away from my path and Light, and allowed EGO (Edging God Out) to take over, the worst I was feeling and the worst my life was going. Life was not flowing, and it felt like I was caught up behind a big obstacle and all around me things were becoming stagnant.

When my Dad passed away, it felt like the bottom of my world caved in and I was in a free-fall to rock bottom, but I just wasn't hitting it. For eight months, I sat in my home with my blinds pulled closed, a note on my front door telling anyone who might choose to visit to not disturb, literally in my arm chair staring into space. I truly was lost at that time. The more I said "I Am so sad. I Am so depressed. I Am so lost." the more I became sad, depressed, and lost; and with it also came more outside situations that seemed to drag me down further. I even forgot to not identify with my diagnoses and would say "I Am sick. I Am diabetic". The moment I began owning these things, my blood glucose readings went out of control. It was as if they had taken on a life of their own and were now ruling my body and ruling over me. And yes, I did become quite sick.

Once I realised what was happening, I also knew that I had the power to create the change I wanted, and I needed to see, in my life. Sometimes, these reminders come in the form of a good friend who will say something in passing, but it is at the right time and place that the Universe has provided, that it hits you with a "bang", and you slap your hand to your forehead and say "Oh du'h!" because you remember everything in a split instant.

The minute I had my "A-ha... du'h" moment, I began actively creating positive change in my life. I began to change my "I Am's" and in so doing, things began positively manifesting for me. My health is increasing, I Am full of energy, I Am feeling great. I Am surrounded with opportunities to serve, and I Am thrilled with this.

This is a powerful statement. It is a Creation statement.

A little exercise for you to try: Get together with some friends, and give them each a piece of paper and a pen. While you are having fun, in conversation, maybe having lunch, have them mark down how many times you say "I Am" in the time that you are together. And have them mark down what you followed "I Am" with. For example "Mary, I am so tired of being alone and single".

At the end of your get-together, look over how many times you said "I Am" and what it was you followed "I Am with". This will give you a good indicator of what it is that you are creating in your life.

As you look over these things, take a bit of time for some introspection and reflect on your life and where you are at right now in this present moment. Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you lacking in any area(s)? Can you see a correlation with your "I Am" statements with what has been manifested in your life?

The following day, become very aware of what it is that you say and how you say it. Realise that each time you say "I Am" you are co-creating your future with these words. So, you will want to find a different way to express things - especially if they are negative things.

For instance, you are having issues with your boss or co-worker. Instead of telling your friends "I am sick and tired of my boss/co-worker. I am having real issues with them", you may like to say instead "I am finding positive ways to interact with my boss/co-worker". It changes the whole energy and your own thought pattern(s); as well, it creates an opportunity for the Universe to bring you positive ways to handle the situation(s).

And remember, if we go back to what I mentioned earlier the exercise that Neale Donald Walsche conducted in looking at everything and identifying saying "I Am that", it helps to open our eyes and find that connection, and therefore compassion towards others. Especially those who may be acting adversely around us. The saying "walk a mile in another's shoe" fits aptly here.


* Learn more about cracking the code on the great theory of "I Am" through the movie and the book "The Moses Code" by James Twyman, here.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Divine DNA - It Connects Us All

I would like to speak about the Divine DNA.

What is this Divine DNA that I often speak about? And how does it affect each of us?

To answer this, it is important that I delve into many religions, and spiritual, belief that "we are all created in the image of God". And so, we have to also ask, if this is true, why do we all look different and not the same? Why are there people of varying colours on this world? If we were all some Master Race, created after the image of a Central Being, wouldn't we all look the same, act the same, like the same things, and have the same thoughts, like some robotic nation?

What most humans miss in this most specific point, is that what is created the "same" is not the physical body, instead it is our energy body, or our souls. And I don't necessarily mean the "look" of the souls, but more the energy matter that forms our souls. Our individual "personalities" are still our own.

For those brought up in religion where they truly do believe that God is a man, with a body of flesh and bone, this concept may be a little harder to grasp. But stay with me here because it may become clearer further along.

Those who believe that "God" is an energy force, thus being able to truly be Omnipotent as S/He truly is, this will be easier to understand.

For many of us, we believe that God; the Universe, Spirit, Source, The All (whatever name you choose to call the Creative Force), is an energy form. It is without beginning and without end. It can manifest how It chooses and as It is energy form, can be everywhere at one time, and IN everything.

Most of us can also agree that what is driving these physical bodies, is an energy form, that is commonly called "The Soul". Which is why, when these physical bodies die, we do not die, but continue on in energy consciousness, never ending.

When I speak of the Divine DNA, it relates to our souls.

Most of us have had the experience of thinking about someone, and then they give us a call out-of-the-blue, or we bump into them in an obscure place. Or we meet someone for the first time, and we just click and it feels like we have known them forever. Why does this happen? What causes this?

The answer is simple, Divine DNA.

OK, let me break it down.

God is an energy form, energy matter than is omnipotent and can be everywhere at one time, is all-seeing, and all-powerful. We are each created in the image of God. That means that a part of the Divine force that makes up God, is contained within our own soul make-up. It is a connection, a link, that connects all of us. Which is why we can get these feelings when we meet someone for the first time, our "instinct", or "intuition"; whether we're going to like them or not. The more we are open in Awareness, the more we can tap in to that intuition. This is how we communicate with God and the Angels. For example, those who belong to a religion will quite often be heard saying "I prayed about it, and the Spirit moved me to take action to..." (and you can fill in the blank such as, propose, move, take the job, go to this college, etc). In other words, when we pray and we receive answers to those prayers in that "still-small voice", what that voice is, is God talking back and communicating through this link. It is a connection that can be explained as a kind of energy field that is linking us, etherically to the "Collective" Whole that is the God-energy.

Along those same lines of connection, we each "communicate" with each other. Obviously then, we are all connected by this same DNA which is what truly makes us all family, on the spiritual level.

Now, as I have explained how we each are all connected by the same Divine DNA, and how we are all created in the image of the Central Creative Force, in that our spirits are created in that image, the same principle applies when we talk about animals.

People ask me, "Leyla, you refer to animals as your four-legged, or winged, or scaled "cousins", what do you mean?"

Exactly what I said. They are my "cousins" - or my "Spirit family members". OK, let me explain...

While most of us look at familial-relationships in terms of earth-based blood and physical, scientific DNA; but what I am referring to, is Divine DNA. Through this DNA, we are not only connected to every other human being on this earth, but we are also connected to every other sentient being upon this earth.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, this places even greater responsibility on all of us.

Those of us who have woken up, or are waking up, to Consciousness and Awareness, this information is important for our evolutionary progression.

Each time you drive down the street, and you get angry at the driver in front of you that cut you off, and you scream at them - as if they are nothing more than the vehicle they are driving in, you are in essence raising your voice and creating anger to a spirit brother or sister. And because of that Divine DNA that connects you to them, their souls pick up on this anger. This can create further anger that they can pass on to another, and so on. The same principle works with the idea of passing things forward. So, if you do something kind for one person, it affects them (or someone observing the scenario), and they are inspired to help another person - and again that energy can perpetuate. And if we are all moving on the same vibrational frequency in giving and helping, kindness, love and acceptance; we can really make a big difference. This is why the theory of the
Butterfly Effect, actually makes complete sense.

For those who believe in the idealogy that God is a human-being with a body of flesh and bone, you will probably have been taught that we are all Spirit brothers and sisters. This extends further than within the bounds of the religion that your fellow brothers and sisters belongs, but extends to the entire human race. It extends also further, to include all sentient beings. The same principle of all beings being created by a Central Creator, lends a piece of that Creator in all Be-ings. It is that "piece" of the Creator, that still connects us all.

Here's a fun little experiment for you to try. Next time you are out, and you decide to talk about a person you are observing at a distance, notice if they turn around and look at you directly. They probably did not hear what you said, but their soul did. Or if you think/talk about a particular body part, like their nose, watch within a few minutes, how they will scratch their nose or touch their nose. It's quite amazing, but it is the simplest experiment that I used to play as a game when I was a child together with my mother when she was teaching me that we are all connected.

When you go into the hospitals, and you go into the rooms of those who are in comas, the staff will often tell you to speak to them because studies have found that patients in comas can understand, even when there is little-to-no brain activity. What these patients are actually hearing and sometimes even reacting to (through hand squeezes, eyes fluttering open, etc), is heard, not through the physical ears and mind, but through the ethereal, and spirit ears... That same Divine DNA.

In my previous post, I spoke about the Mind, Body, Soul connection, and what we can do to become more connected. And I spoke about the toxins that enter the body from the energy of fear and abuse that animals receive prior to slaughter. I am now going to take this even further. Because all sentient Be-ings are created from the same Creator, and all sentient Be-ings all share the same Divine DNA, and all sentient Be-ings are therefore all connected, that means that on the Spiritual plain, we are all related. As the saying goes "one big happy family".

So, when we consume the flesh of an animal, or the life-giving fluids that has been created solely for the animals own young, or we eat the ovule that has not been fertilized into a life; we are in fact consuming those things which we are connected to on a spiritual level. In the plain manner of saying, we are acting as ethereal cannibals. Or as one of my friends says "zombies".

Over the centuries, there have been many Masters who have taught about spiritual nirvana and how to attain spiritual and temporal bliss while having this earthly experience; almost all have been vegetarian, and even vegan. Because they understand the Divine DNA connection and the importance of not taking death into the human body. It weights us down spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Science has now proven that consuming animal products is in fact harmful to the human body and health.

To walk the path to attain Awareness, it is most important that we each live in compassion of all other sentient Be-ings. We must each become of the mindset and existence of complete and total acceptance of one and all. Yes, even those whom you feel has acted against another. It is not for us to become the ones to judge, that is interfering in the karma of another. Remember, when we are aware of the Divine DNA connection, we must also be aware that we can easily become a part of the karma of another, even if we do not know them personally in this physical world.

This is why, when I hear people saying that such and such person should be put to death, or such an such person should "burn in hell"; my dear friends, I grow concerned because even in such passing conversation and beliefs, you are aligning your Self with the karma of another.

It is not to say that as humans we cannot feel anger or other emotions, when we learn of an innocent child being murdered for no reason; but when we look at the Law of Karma, it will become necessary to also ask ourselves, "what is the karmic bond that these two individuals, child and adult" shared? There is a possibility that the individual who murdered needed to learn a valuable lesson while in this human incarnation; and the one who was murdered needed to be the individual who created the lesson. Or possibly, it was a past life experience that was brought full cycle in this experience.

We each tend to look at others with our human eyes. This is because we are born human, raised human by humans, and influenced by humans and are having a human experience; and often, it is not until we are further along in life that we open our minds and hearts to the influence of Spirit. So, with those same human eyes and emotions, we view situations and allow our emotions to overtake us and we react. It is important to realise that when we react, we also create a chain-reaction that can affect us through the Law of Karma and the Divine DNA.

This is something that takes practice to be able to not react in situations, but to be observant and understand why we are experiencing this knowledge within the situation - whether we are simply observing via TV screen or computer screen, or we are involved personally; is for a reason for either a) our own spiritual growth, or b) a karmic experience that needs to be fulfilled. Being aware of our feelings, reactions, thoughts, and being conscious of our Selves and stopping our Selves before we speak or pass a judgement without first thinking what the consequences could produce, will help us in time act naturally to this state. It is a matter of creating habit - in time, habit becomes 1st nature. And through this habit, we align ourselves more with our Spiritual
Selves, and in doing this, we also open ourselves to more opportunities and further Spiritual growth in teaching and in learning, which is our purpose for being here upon this earth, having this human experience, at this very moment in time.


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Connect to Source, Growing Spiritually

When we are looking for connection with Source, or to grow Spiritually, it is important that we connect on all levels and with all Be-ings. It is most important to connect body, mind, and spirit.

Body: Invest in time to study out what is good for the body. This includes nutrition and exercise. What is nutrition? Good, wholesome foods; such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plant-based sources of protein. Juicing. Water.

Eliminate those things from your body that cause distress. This includes products that come from animals. Even animals on organic farms must go through premature and unnatural death for human Be-ings taste choices. The fear that animals go through prior to death, releases toxins within that animals body. When humans consume the meat of animals, we intake into us those toxins as well as the energy of violence and terror that the animal endured prior to death. Even drinking things such as milk or consuming diary, has been brought through distress to the animal. Most cows are raised to produce gross amounts of milk, while they are impregnated artificially yearly, and then enduring the pain and sorrow of their calf being taken away from them after 24 hours. This sorrow and heart-wrenching pain once again produces a toxic energy that is released into the fluids contained within the udders, which is then transferred into the human body when we consume such.

When we look at the state of our world, is there truly any question why our world is in such a state that it is in? So much anger, hostility, violence? In places where individuals live in peace and harmony and where they practice mind, body, spirit connection; we find that there is a greater sense of harmony and love for all Be-ings.

Choosing a complete plant-based diet, brings the energy of peace and compassion into the human body - and thusly also aids in the connection of mind and spirit.

Juicing is incredibly healthy for the body. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and it is through intaking juice that the nutrients flow more easily into the body's system than even through eating vegetables and fruits.

While it is not for everyone to live on a 90% raw food diet, individuals should definitely attempt to add more raw plant-based foods in their diets. From a spiritual stand-point, intaking raw foods connects individuals to the etheric, life-giving, energy form of the plant, thus aiding, again in the mind-spirit connection.

Removing chemically created items from our bodies also helps in creating a purity. Even those things which are natural in nature, have been so filled with chemical additives to cause addiction of the body and mind. These addictions cause us to become locked inside a prison, where there is such freedom that can be attained simply by removing those things which are chemically created.

Exercise is important to get the body's motion flowing. It aids in so many areas, besides weight loss.

Exercising can be as simple as taking a walk or swimming. It does not need to be high-impact, and as best as possible, should be undertaken out-doors where one can connect to nature and the natural environment. Even as we live in cities, walking in a park can connect one through trees, plants, and flowers.

Daily meditation is important for the mind-spirit connection. Taking the time to simply "connect". Turning off the phone, the TV, the radio or other outside stimilus and just being "quiet".

Meditation can be found in prayer, and the repetition of chant. But the best form of meditation is simply, to be silent.

When was the last time you sat in a room, and just enjoyed the silence? Allowing this to become a habit, will amazingly wake up senses that we do not generally rely on. Senses of sound, but more importantly, intuition or "gut instinct".

Finding the silence in life is not "boring", but opens ourselves up to receiving. Giving us the opportunity to be more open to observing when opportunities present themselves to us, understanding our intuition when something could present us with issues further down the road.

Amazingly, silence can also help us to enjoy better health. Simply being silent and becoming more aware, our Spirit-bodies - or our souls - become more in alignment to our natural state.


Often, I have been told that an individual feels uncomfortable simply "smiling" at nothing. When we look around our world and observe those who travel past us when we are at the supermarket, or in a mall, or driving past us; we do not often see individuals simply smiling without some kind of outside stimuli to create that smile.

When we open our eyes and we observe, the inhabitants of our world can often look so incredibly bleek with frowns on their faces as they rush through their activities.

When we place a smile on our face, we feel something different inside of us. We start to breathe from our diaphrams and feel more peace. What is truly happening, is that we are creating a connection from our physical bodies with that of our spirit bodies. We start to become At One with Source.

These things are not about religion, but ascends further than religion and goes direct to the source. You can remain in the religion of your choice, and still live this way. Changing these things in your life, will connect you further within and outside to your Power Source.

So, if you are a Christian, or a Muslim, or Jewish, or Buddhist, or any other religion, you can connect deeper to your religion and that which you call Creator, by becoming a better source of inspiration and Light for yourSelf and others around you.

Try living this way for 30-days, and in 30-days see how YOU feel, journal your experiences, the way you react, or do not react, to situations that arise around you, and how you connect to others. If you find that you are living more in peace, and with a deeper connection, then you can continue on.

I would love to hear your thoughts after your 30-days, and will enjoy guiding you along further.



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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you Chasing a Dream...?

The Seeds of Imagination

Living a Life Filled With Purpose

Honour Life, While You're Living It

Life is so fragile, so short. Age is a meaningless number.

I very recently, lost a friend of mine who I'd known since I was in high-school in Hong Kong. He was a few years younger than me, an almost inconceivable notion to accept that he is no longer among us. A few weeks ago, another good friend of mine passed away. She was much older, but like I said, age does not matter. Life is life.

We are so focused on the here and the now, and we weep with the loss of those who go before us. And while their presence is no longer here in persona, their energy and "life" continues on. Their adventure has only just started, and what an adventure that is.

For those of us "left behind" on this spinning rock, we must make the most out of every minute, and create our adventure each and every moment of each day.

We need to focus on living and not focus on the negatives that hit us and hold us down/back.

Does it really matter that someone you love said something that offended you? Would it be so important if they were to go in the next few minutes?

Each time I am faced with the loss of someone I love dearly, it just fortifies me to love stronger, deeper, forgive more readily, accept unconditionally, and always make sure I let those I love know their worth to me, my appreciation of them, and how much I love them.

In the end, when we sit back and look at all the "little things" that have "piled up", they truly are only our Selves building mountains out of grains of sand. These "mountains" will dissipate with the storm of loss. So why hold on to those mountains, continue adding to them, at times burying ourselves under them? Just let go.

Release the negativity, the anger, the annoyance... It doesn't really matter. It's almost never "that" huge, and living a life where you can truly LIVE and let go and let God, will reduce much stress in your own life, and may possibly prolong your life.

Rest in peace my dear friends and loved ones who have departed. Your lessons have been etched upon my soul, and I pledge to remember them.

I am filled with gratitude and love for all of you who are in my life, even if you only read my updates, "Like" something, or make a comment here and there, you each mean so much to me, and I want to extend my gratitude and love for you all.