Sunday, March 25, 2012

Connect to Source, Growing Spiritually

When we are looking for connection with Source, or to grow Spiritually, it is important that we connect on all levels and with all Be-ings. It is most important to connect body, mind, and spirit.

Body: Invest in time to study out what is good for the body. This includes nutrition and exercise. What is nutrition? Good, wholesome foods; such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plant-based sources of protein. Juicing. Water.

Eliminate those things from your body that cause distress. This includes products that come from animals. Even animals on organic farms must go through premature and unnatural death for human Be-ings taste choices. The fear that animals go through prior to death, releases toxins within that animals body. When humans consume the meat of animals, we intake into us those toxins as well as the energy of violence and terror that the animal endured prior to death. Even drinking things such as milk or consuming diary, has been brought through distress to the animal. Most cows are raised to produce gross amounts of milk, while they are impregnated artificially yearly, and then enduring the pain and sorrow of their calf being taken away from them after 24 hours. This sorrow and heart-wrenching pain once again produces a toxic energy that is released into the fluids contained within the udders, which is then transferred into the human body when we consume such.

When we look at the state of our world, is there truly any question why our world is in such a state that it is in? So much anger, hostility, violence? In places where individuals live in peace and harmony and where they practice mind, body, spirit connection; we find that there is a greater sense of harmony and love for all Be-ings.

Choosing a complete plant-based diet, brings the energy of peace and compassion into the human body - and thusly also aids in the connection of mind and spirit.

Juicing is incredibly healthy for the body. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and it is through intaking juice that the nutrients flow more easily into the body's system than even through eating vegetables and fruits.

While it is not for everyone to live on a 90% raw food diet, individuals should definitely attempt to add more raw plant-based foods in their diets. From a spiritual stand-point, intaking raw foods connects individuals to the etheric, life-giving, energy form of the plant, thus aiding, again in the mind-spirit connection.

Removing chemically created items from our bodies also helps in creating a purity. Even those things which are natural in nature, have been so filled with chemical additives to cause addiction of the body and mind. These addictions cause us to become locked inside a prison, where there is such freedom that can be attained simply by removing those things which are chemically created.

Exercise is important to get the body's motion flowing. It aids in so many areas, besides weight loss.

Exercising can be as simple as taking a walk or swimming. It does not need to be high-impact, and as best as possible, should be undertaken out-doors where one can connect to nature and the natural environment. Even as we live in cities, walking in a park can connect one through trees, plants, and flowers.

Daily meditation is important for the mind-spirit connection. Taking the time to simply "connect". Turning off the phone, the TV, the radio or other outside stimilus and just being "quiet".

Meditation can be found in prayer, and the repetition of chant. But the best form of meditation is simply, to be silent.

When was the last time you sat in a room, and just enjoyed the silence? Allowing this to become a habit, will amazingly wake up senses that we do not generally rely on. Senses of sound, but more importantly, intuition or "gut instinct".

Finding the silence in life is not "boring", but opens ourselves up to receiving. Giving us the opportunity to be more open to observing when opportunities present themselves to us, understanding our intuition when something could present us with issues further down the road.

Amazingly, silence can also help us to enjoy better health. Simply being silent and becoming more aware, our Spirit-bodies - or our souls - become more in alignment to our natural state.


Often, I have been told that an individual feels uncomfortable simply "smiling" at nothing. When we look around our world and observe those who travel past us when we are at the supermarket, or in a mall, or driving past us; we do not often see individuals simply smiling without some kind of outside stimuli to create that smile.

When we open our eyes and we observe, the inhabitants of our world can often look so incredibly bleek with frowns on their faces as they rush through their activities.

When we place a smile on our face, we feel something different inside of us. We start to breathe from our diaphrams and feel more peace. What is truly happening, is that we are creating a connection from our physical bodies with that of our spirit bodies. We start to become At One with Source.

These things are not about religion, but ascends further than religion and goes direct to the source. You can remain in the religion of your choice, and still live this way. Changing these things in your life, will connect you further within and outside to your Power Source.

So, if you are a Christian, or a Muslim, or Jewish, or Buddhist, or any other religion, you can connect deeper to your religion and that which you call Creator, by becoming a better source of inspiration and Light for yourSelf and others around you.

Try living this way for 30-days, and in 30-days see how YOU feel, journal your experiences, the way you react, or do not react, to situations that arise around you, and how you connect to others. If you find that you are living more in peace, and with a deeper connection, then you can continue on.

I would love to hear your thoughts after your 30-days, and will enjoy guiding you along further.



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