Monday, March 26, 2012

"I Am" - How You Co-Create Your Destiny

When I awoke this morning, just before doing my morning meditation, I felt strongly urged to talk about this concept of "I Am". Then, as I do often before starting my work, I checked into Facebook and to the Village of Abundance group. And what do I see before my eyes? Yet another confirmation from the Universe that I am on a conducive vibrational frequency, by a small post by my friend Tee Crane, entitled "I Am".

I chuckle at these things right now, not out of EGO, but rather with a sense of extreme joy. Last night, as I finished writing about Divine DNA and was editing it, I turned on an interview Oprah conducted with Wayne Dyer. He was talking about, what he calls the "spark of God" which is the same thing that I call "Divine DNA". It was an electrifying moment of confirmation, that I am providing what the Universe knows needs to be heard right now. It truly is an exciting prospect serving as one is meant to serve; going with the flow and allowing the Universe to carry you as It so needs. It's complete surrender of EGO and Self, and then receiving the knowledge that you're on track. It's an extremely powerful experience and emotion.

I do not believe in "coincidence". I believe that every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. Maybe it is a lesson in learning, maybe it is to help us gauge how far along we are in our progress of growth, and maybe it is simply confirmation telling us that we are exactly where we need to be at this present moment, doing that which we need to be doing which is on the same vibrational frequency as the Universe.

Since Tee's little post had such an impact on me, I feel it only fair to share it here with you before I continue on.

"I AM is clarity - it requires no description. 
Our identity is not our circumstance. 
When we say things such as "I am poor", or "I am suffering" 
- we express our confusion. 
In truth who I AM is ALL that is. 
Each of us is an aspect of the divine - not an emotion, or a situation 
- but the true and complete power and presence of all creation 
- that is what stirs within us. That is who we truly are. 
All else is illusion. Be convinced of your magnificence." 
~ Tee Crane

* * *    * * *    * * * 

When I first heard the concept of "I Am", it was as a young teenager. My mother was teaching me the power of the words "I Am" and how these two simple words, made impacts that created destinies. She told me "Leyla, you can become all that you wish to become by simply saying the words, "I Am"."

At the time, I did not understand her. Was she speaking about magic? Making anything happen? I was confused. She also told me to be careful about what I created. As Tee beautifully says in his quote above, "I Am" is a beautiful clarity, but when we identify ourselves with things of the negative, we confuse our "I Am", and in confusion easily comes chaos.

What is "I Am"? For this, it is necessary to go back to the time of Moses in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, when asked what is God's name, God replies "I Am That I Am". To loosely quote The Moses Code's explanation, simply adding a comma, changes everything; "I Am That, I Am".

This really does change everything.

In his explanation of coming to this conclusion, Neale Donald Walsche explained how for 60 minutes he identified himself with everything he observed and made the statement "I am that" whenever he saw anyone. Finally, his friend asked him what was he talking about, and Neale explained that he was just observing that he was the homeless person, the angry person, etc. His friend answered and said that he was not a homeless man, or someone angry or a child that he was himself. And Neale answered "No, really I am that, I am"; and at that moment he saw that everything correlated, that as God is everything, so are we everything.

While this helps us to identify with others, on the same Divine DNA level, there is also another side to "I Am"; which, by the way, is the most powerful statement in our Universe.

God answered "I Am That, I Am" (comma added), and the way our minds are wired, when we say "I Am" we are in essence creating a "That" and making that solidifying declaration "I Am".

The way that our Spirit bodies and minds work, it believes that when we declare "I Am" (and it is a declaration) we are stating a true fact. This is the key, to manifesting everything into our lives - positive or negative (as we so choose). When we make this declaration, our psyches begin to work on our physical Selves and spurning us to action, thus actively becoming a participant in the creation of our manifested desires.

For instance, when diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, I tried very hard to not identify with the diagnosis, to not own it. I refused to say "I Am, a diabetic". It was a diagnosis, it was not who "I" was. I refused to own it. While it is something that is in my body, what I Am doing is working to eradicate it from my body with diet and exercise.

Another vice that I struggled with for 30 years, is smoking cigarettes. It has been an on again, off again roller coaster ride. Over a year ago, after my father died, I was in a place where I felt like I was covered in complete darkness in my sorrow, I once again returned to that crutch of smoking. For the past six months, I have discussed quitting together with my husband, but did not have the sense or will power to really "want to". Finally, night before last, I made my decision and I put down my last cigarette and declared "I Am a non-smoker". For the past two days, I have gone about my day without even the smallest craving for a cigarette, because I Am a non-smoker. It is something I know and because I have made the declaration, it simply is.

We manifest things into our lives constantly. We are the co-creators of our lives and our destinies. When we say things like "I am sick, I am struggling, I am not doing well, I am poor, I am sad, I am depressed... etc", we manifest these things into our lives with an abundance of negativity that generally comes with each thing. The more we believe in these "I Am's" the more we become buried and lost underneath them.

When my Dad passed away in 2010, it was the final straw that broke my back and broke me down. I'd retired from my radio show, my consulting, speaking engagements and my magazine towards the end of 2009 and totally retired at the beginning of 2010. I was becoming bored and lost in this self-imposed place where I was attempting to take time to work on my health and create positive change.

Instead, the opposite happened. The further I came away from my path and Light, and allowed EGO (Edging God Out) to take over, the worst I was feeling and the worst my life was going. Life was not flowing, and it felt like I was caught up behind a big obstacle and all around me things were becoming stagnant.

When my Dad passed away, it felt like the bottom of my world caved in and I was in a free-fall to rock bottom, but I just wasn't hitting it. For eight months, I sat in my home with my blinds pulled closed, a note on my front door telling anyone who might choose to visit to not disturb, literally in my arm chair staring into space. I truly was lost at that time. The more I said "I Am so sad. I Am so depressed. I Am so lost." the more I became sad, depressed, and lost; and with it also came more outside situations that seemed to drag me down further. I even forgot to not identify with my diagnoses and would say "I Am sick. I Am diabetic". The moment I began owning these things, my blood glucose readings went out of control. It was as if they had taken on a life of their own and were now ruling my body and ruling over me. And yes, I did become quite sick.

Once I realised what was happening, I also knew that I had the power to create the change I wanted, and I needed to see, in my life. Sometimes, these reminders come in the form of a good friend who will say something in passing, but it is at the right time and place that the Universe has provided, that it hits you with a "bang", and you slap your hand to your forehead and say "Oh du'h!" because you remember everything in a split instant.

The minute I had my "A-ha... du'h" moment, I began actively creating positive change in my life. I began to change my "I Am's" and in so doing, things began positively manifesting for me. My health is increasing, I Am full of energy, I Am feeling great. I Am surrounded with opportunities to serve, and I Am thrilled with this.

This is a powerful statement. It is a Creation statement.

A little exercise for you to try: Get together with some friends, and give them each a piece of paper and a pen. While you are having fun, in conversation, maybe having lunch, have them mark down how many times you say "I Am" in the time that you are together. And have them mark down what you followed "I Am" with. For example "Mary, I am so tired of being alone and single".

At the end of your get-together, look over how many times you said "I Am" and what it was you followed "I Am with". This will give you a good indicator of what it is that you are creating in your life.

As you look over these things, take a bit of time for some introspection and reflect on your life and where you are at right now in this present moment. Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you lacking in any area(s)? Can you see a correlation with your "I Am" statements with what has been manifested in your life?

The following day, become very aware of what it is that you say and how you say it. Realise that each time you say "I Am" you are co-creating your future with these words. So, you will want to find a different way to express things - especially if they are negative things.

For instance, you are having issues with your boss or co-worker. Instead of telling your friends "I am sick and tired of my boss/co-worker. I am having real issues with them", you may like to say instead "I am finding positive ways to interact with my boss/co-worker". It changes the whole energy and your own thought pattern(s); as well, it creates an opportunity for the Universe to bring you positive ways to handle the situation(s).

And remember, if we go back to what I mentioned earlier the exercise that Neale Donald Walsche conducted in looking at everything and identifying saying "I Am that", it helps to open our eyes and find that connection, and therefore compassion towards others. Especially those who may be acting adversely around us. The saying "walk a mile in another's shoe" fits aptly here.


* Learn more about cracking the code on the great theory of "I Am" through the movie and the book "The Moses Code" by James Twyman, here.

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  1. Thank you Leyla! This an excellent article.
    I'll simply quote something that I wrote way back as part of a series of articles that I wrote on Self Awareness, following my interview for the cover story on Mentors magazine by Linda Forsythe. One can read the entire article here:
    " “The only permanent thing is Reality; and that is the Self. You say 'I am', 'I am going', 'I am speaking', 'I am working', etc. Hyphenate 'I am' in all of them. Thus I - AM. That is the abiding and fundamental Reality. This truth was taught by God to Moses: 'I AM that I AM'. 'Be still and know that I - AM God'. So 'I - AM ' is God.”

    'I - AM' is the ultimate self-referral which it is possible to speak. The realized meaning of this self-referral implies a state of consciousness beyond words, a formless state of meaning beyond thought, a state of 'no-mind', a state of being where the individual self expands into the cosmic Self. This is a state of stillness beyond the defenses of the ego where meaning rests with the infinite and eternal symmetry of that stream of consciousness which 'I - AM'. "


    1. Thank you so much Surya and what you have written is so beautiful also. It truly is the essence of All. It truly is without beginning, without ending; which is why, when we use the term "I Am" we are so easily co-creating our destinies.


  2. Bonjour Leyla,

    Thank you for sharing the "Bliss" meaning your amazing journey.

    Embrace it!

    ...And Leyla believe it or not you've already reached your "Destination"...

    for "I Am" means your are complete: Here and Now.

    So be gentle with yourself and keep living in the "Now"! :)




    1. Merci dear Joel,

      Your words "you've already reached your "Destination"..." touch me so deeply. It is true, we already all are Here. How blessed we truly are when we wake up to this truth. Life is just so much more easier, and we are able to flow better knowing that we are already right where we are... our Destination, the Present. Know it, it's the truth.

      Blessings, love, Light, and Namaste to you my friend.