Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Silence Is Golden...

Most people will associate the terminology "Silence is Golden" these days, with the pre-movie reel in theatres reminding patrons to turn off the cell-phones. But this saying goes much deeper than simply turning off an electronic device while sitting and being over-saturated with visual and mental stimulus in a dark movie theater.

In our world today, we are constantly "plugged in" to one device or other. No longer do we leave home to go shopping or for lunch/dinner without being tied to a communication device, constantly being "available". We are linked into and hooked up to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter constantly being "updated" to what is happening with our friends and those we follow. We receive breaking news in an instant via these devices, and because we can now access them through our mini mobile phones. We are constantly inundated with information.

Over-saturation in max-overdrive!

And while having these conveniences are an advantage in so many ways, as with any convenience, it can become a little over-the-top. As a human race, we are all so plugged in to one big communication device; and while the tether attaching us to this big communication device is wireless, nonetheless, we are still all attached.

Over the past few days, I have spoken about several different things, and I'd like to refer back to my article regarding the Divine DNA for a moment here. In that article, I explained how every single sentient being is connected via the Divine DNA. I explained that this is how we can communicate to each other and how that manifests when we look at someone from a distance and think something about them, or mention something about them, and they look directly at us - and we know they could not have heard us.

Communication devices today, have taken over the Divine Connection in so many ways. It keeps us occupied constantly, fillng our minds completely and not leaving time (or space) for Divine Communication to flow, or more importantly, for us to hear, and listen, when it does flow.

Years ago, I took a class on angels. And in this class, the instructor explained that at those times when we have that high pitched ringing sound in our ears, it is the Universe and Angels communicating with our souls. When it is too high, to simply say "Lower the frequency, please" and it will tune it down. And it does work, I do it often.

In our over-stimulus today world today, how often do we overlook or ignore these messages that are coming through to us? Either in the direct manner of the high pitched frequency, or more subtly? And how often does that "ringing in the ear" do nothing more than produce a frustrated feeling within?

Human Beings have attempted to become the operator of our physical bodies and our consciousness for far too long. In so doing; we, as a world populace, are filled with more stress, dis-ease, and lack in all areas. When we stop ourselves, take time for silence and to allow our soul/consciousness to connect, when we simply allow our Selves to flow and become as water, things begin to materialize for us faster, easier, and without much effort.

When I was in high school in Australia, we had one week where we were instructed by two motivational mentors. In that week I learned something that has stayed with me for over 20 years now, "work smart, not hard". As I sit in my living room this afternoon, living here in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona; enjoying the slight breeze that is making the wind chimes sing their song, as an accompaniment to the birds singing gleefully in the citrus trees; I think about how easy life truly is when we allow ourselves to simply just go with the flow. To allow the Universe to move us as we need to. To give ourselves up to the Universe, and as if on a tire flowing down a lazy-river, just enjoying the ride. Knowing that the Universe will provide all we need, when we need, and having that faith in that knowing. To me, that is working smart, not hard. Yes, still there is work involved, anything we wish to accomplish or achieve in life, still must take action. But, it's not hard work, it's smart work, it's going with the flow and simply allowing life to reveal the next step before you.

I think back to how I ended up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had met my husband and moved down to Arizona to be with him. Where he was living was not an area which either of us liked, and the individual he was living with created a lot of issues for us. I had no idea about places in the Valley of the Sun, only that there seemed to be no greenery in this State whatsoever. One afternoon, we took a drive and ended up in Scottsdale. I fell in love at first sight, not just with the area, but the greenery and the energy also. I told my husband that this is where I wanted to live. He told me that this was a very expensive area, and we could probably never afford it. I told him that there was no such thing as "never", that if it is meant to be, it will happen. In my mind, I was already living here.

A few days later, we were speaking with friends when one lady was saying how her son was having some big problems. He was a manager of some apartments and someone had moved out in the middle of the night, and he needed to find someone to fill the apartment. I asked where the apartment was located, and learned that it was in Scottsdale. I asked how much was the rent, and it was right within our budget. Within another week, everything was finalized and we moved to Scottsdale. My husband was astounded.

When we slow down, when we allow silence into our Be-ingness, when we connect soul and consciousness, we can manifest easier because we know that we are on harmonic frequency with the Universe's timing.

When was the last time that you turned off your computer, your iPad, cell-phone, telephone (I was shocked when I was informed a few months ago that I was the only person a woman had encountered who still had a landline phone and no cell phone!), tv, radio and any other stimulus, and spent a day in complete and total silence?

Here is my challenge to you, find a day this week, any day, and spend it in complete and total silence. If you cannot manage a full day, then half a day, even 3 hours of a day. Just allow yourself to enjoy the silence. Quieten your mind. Meditate. Breathe deeper. Focus on your breathing. Smile. Just enjoy Be-ing. If you can extend it to two days, three days, fabulous. Just take a break from all the electronic stimuli, and from being so connected and "plugged in" to a system that is man-created. Instead, pull yourself back and focus on the much bigger Universe - even the universe that is contained within a tiny seed. It's wonders are amazing. Ponder on things as you allow the Universe to flow it's knowledge into you.

Take note of how you feel. Do you feel at peace? Were you able to relax in to the silence, or did you find yourself growing impatient or bored, or even frustrated? When we experience the negative feelings, it is simply our minds that are going through a withdraw of the electronic stimuli. Children who are allowed to sit in front of television sets or playing games continually, who have these things taken away from them, and they are forced to go outside to play, have the issues of anger even more greatly because of how addicted their minds have become to the stimuli. So, it is good for even children, to have such stimuli removed and help them to enjoy silence, and experience the wonders of the natural world around them.

When I look at the saying "silence is golden", I envision the gold that can be found in the auras of those who are highly developed spiritually. This gold is the Divine Connection that is seen in the auras of those individuals - especially in aura photography.

Gold in the aura signifies a "Spiritual energy and power activated and awakened; an inspired person. Gold is the colour of enlightenment and divine protection when observed in the aura colors. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is divinely guided.When looking at aura colors gold also indicates a strong connection to the “I AM” presence of the Divine." [Source]

When you take time to experience silence, and you apply this to your life each day, you will find yourself discovering more, as the Universe can now connect with you and teach you as you need, and your Spirit Self and your Conscious Self become One. You will be privvy to thoughts and ideas you never had previously, and then you will stumble across something, or someone, where your thoughts become validated and you receive confirmation. This is when you know that you are in a harmonious vibrational frequency with the Universe, your Spirit and your Conscious Self.


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  1. Hi Leyla,
    Just 2 weeks ago, in my VoARadio network show (Perception - Power and Focus; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voaradio/2012/03/18/perception--power-and-focus) I talked about this phenomena and provided some tips on becoming more productive with less by regulating the electronic over-communication in our lives. It is amazing how like minded people think alike.

    You hit the bulls eye when you wrote: "When we slow down, when we allow silence into our Be-ingness, when we connect soul and consciousness, we can manifest easier because we know that we are on harmonic frequency with the Universe's timing." Keep it coming. I look forward to reading more from you. Namaste!

    1. Your replies are absolutely delighting me my dear, Surya. It truly is amazing how we are each being directed to similar things to speak about. It makes me realise that these things are definitely what humanity needs to be hearing and learning currently; as it is truly what the Universe is guiding and directing us to.