Sunday, March 25, 2012

Divine DNA - It Connects Us All

I would like to speak about the Divine DNA.

What is this Divine DNA that I often speak about? And how does it affect each of us?

To answer this, it is important that I delve into many religions, and spiritual, belief that "we are all created in the image of God". And so, we have to also ask, if this is true, why do we all look different and not the same? Why are there people of varying colours on this world? If we were all some Master Race, created after the image of a Central Being, wouldn't we all look the same, act the same, like the same things, and have the same thoughts, like some robotic nation?

What most humans miss in this most specific point, is that what is created the "same" is not the physical body, instead it is our energy body, or our souls. And I don't necessarily mean the "look" of the souls, but more the energy matter that forms our souls. Our individual "personalities" are still our own.

For those brought up in religion where they truly do believe that God is a man, with a body of flesh and bone, this concept may be a little harder to grasp. But stay with me here because it may become clearer further along.

Those who believe that "God" is an energy force, thus being able to truly be Omnipotent as S/He truly is, this will be easier to understand.

For many of us, we believe that God; the Universe, Spirit, Source, The All (whatever name you choose to call the Creative Force), is an energy form. It is without beginning and without end. It can manifest how It chooses and as It is energy form, can be everywhere at one time, and IN everything.

Most of us can also agree that what is driving these physical bodies, is an energy form, that is commonly called "The Soul". Which is why, when these physical bodies die, we do not die, but continue on in energy consciousness, never ending.

When I speak of the Divine DNA, it relates to our souls.

Most of us have had the experience of thinking about someone, and then they give us a call out-of-the-blue, or we bump into them in an obscure place. Or we meet someone for the first time, and we just click and it feels like we have known them forever. Why does this happen? What causes this?

The answer is simple, Divine DNA.

OK, let me break it down.

God is an energy form, energy matter than is omnipotent and can be everywhere at one time, is all-seeing, and all-powerful. We are each created in the image of God. That means that a part of the Divine force that makes up God, is contained within our own soul make-up. It is a connection, a link, that connects all of us. Which is why we can get these feelings when we meet someone for the first time, our "instinct", or "intuition"; whether we're going to like them or not. The more we are open in Awareness, the more we can tap in to that intuition. This is how we communicate with God and the Angels. For example, those who belong to a religion will quite often be heard saying "I prayed about it, and the Spirit moved me to take action to..." (and you can fill in the blank such as, propose, move, take the job, go to this college, etc). In other words, when we pray and we receive answers to those prayers in that "still-small voice", what that voice is, is God talking back and communicating through this link. It is a connection that can be explained as a kind of energy field that is linking us, etherically to the "Collective" Whole that is the God-energy.

Along those same lines of connection, we each "communicate" with each other. Obviously then, we are all connected by this same DNA which is what truly makes us all family, on the spiritual level.

Now, as I have explained how we each are all connected by the same Divine DNA, and how we are all created in the image of the Central Creative Force, in that our spirits are created in that image, the same principle applies when we talk about animals.

People ask me, "Leyla, you refer to animals as your four-legged, or winged, or scaled "cousins", what do you mean?"

Exactly what I said. They are my "cousins" - or my "Spirit family members". OK, let me explain...

While most of us look at familial-relationships in terms of earth-based blood and physical, scientific DNA; but what I am referring to, is Divine DNA. Through this DNA, we are not only connected to every other human being on this earth, but we are also connected to every other sentient being upon this earth.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, this places even greater responsibility on all of us.

Those of us who have woken up, or are waking up, to Consciousness and Awareness, this information is important for our evolutionary progression.

Each time you drive down the street, and you get angry at the driver in front of you that cut you off, and you scream at them - as if they are nothing more than the vehicle they are driving in, you are in essence raising your voice and creating anger to a spirit brother or sister. And because of that Divine DNA that connects you to them, their souls pick up on this anger. This can create further anger that they can pass on to another, and so on. The same principle works with the idea of passing things forward. So, if you do something kind for one person, it affects them (or someone observing the scenario), and they are inspired to help another person - and again that energy can perpetuate. And if we are all moving on the same vibrational frequency in giving and helping, kindness, love and acceptance; we can really make a big difference. This is why the theory of the
Butterfly Effect, actually makes complete sense.

For those who believe in the idealogy that God is a human-being with a body of flesh and bone, you will probably have been taught that we are all Spirit brothers and sisters. This extends further than within the bounds of the religion that your fellow brothers and sisters belongs, but extends to the entire human race. It extends also further, to include all sentient beings. The same principle of all beings being created by a Central Creator, lends a piece of that Creator in all Be-ings. It is that "piece" of the Creator, that still connects us all.

Here's a fun little experiment for you to try. Next time you are out, and you decide to talk about a person you are observing at a distance, notice if they turn around and look at you directly. They probably did not hear what you said, but their soul did. Or if you think/talk about a particular body part, like their nose, watch within a few minutes, how they will scratch their nose or touch their nose. It's quite amazing, but it is the simplest experiment that I used to play as a game when I was a child together with my mother when she was teaching me that we are all connected.

When you go into the hospitals, and you go into the rooms of those who are in comas, the staff will often tell you to speak to them because studies have found that patients in comas can understand, even when there is little-to-no brain activity. What these patients are actually hearing and sometimes even reacting to (through hand squeezes, eyes fluttering open, etc), is heard, not through the physical ears and mind, but through the ethereal, and spirit ears... That same Divine DNA.

In my previous post, I spoke about the Mind, Body, Soul connection, and what we can do to become more connected. And I spoke about the toxins that enter the body from the energy of fear and abuse that animals receive prior to slaughter. I am now going to take this even further. Because all sentient Be-ings are created from the same Creator, and all sentient Be-ings all share the same Divine DNA, and all sentient Be-ings are therefore all connected, that means that on the Spiritual plain, we are all related. As the saying goes "one big happy family".

So, when we consume the flesh of an animal, or the life-giving fluids that has been created solely for the animals own young, or we eat the ovule that has not been fertilized into a life; we are in fact consuming those things which we are connected to on a spiritual level. In the plain manner of saying, we are acting as ethereal cannibals. Or as one of my friends says "zombies".

Over the centuries, there have been many Masters who have taught about spiritual nirvana and how to attain spiritual and temporal bliss while having this earthly experience; almost all have been vegetarian, and even vegan. Because they understand the Divine DNA connection and the importance of not taking death into the human body. It weights us down spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Science has now proven that consuming animal products is in fact harmful to the human body and health.

To walk the path to attain Awareness, it is most important that we each live in compassion of all other sentient Be-ings. We must each become of the mindset and existence of complete and total acceptance of one and all. Yes, even those whom you feel has acted against another. It is not for us to become the ones to judge, that is interfering in the karma of another. Remember, when we are aware of the Divine DNA connection, we must also be aware that we can easily become a part of the karma of another, even if we do not know them personally in this physical world.

This is why, when I hear people saying that such and such person should be put to death, or such an such person should "burn in hell"; my dear friends, I grow concerned because even in such passing conversation and beliefs, you are aligning your Self with the karma of another.

It is not to say that as humans we cannot feel anger or other emotions, when we learn of an innocent child being murdered for no reason; but when we look at the Law of Karma, it will become necessary to also ask ourselves, "what is the karmic bond that these two individuals, child and adult" shared? There is a possibility that the individual who murdered needed to learn a valuable lesson while in this human incarnation; and the one who was murdered needed to be the individual who created the lesson. Or possibly, it was a past life experience that was brought full cycle in this experience.

We each tend to look at others with our human eyes. This is because we are born human, raised human by humans, and influenced by humans and are having a human experience; and often, it is not until we are further along in life that we open our minds and hearts to the influence of Spirit. So, with those same human eyes and emotions, we view situations and allow our emotions to overtake us and we react. It is important to realise that when we react, we also create a chain-reaction that can affect us through the Law of Karma and the Divine DNA.

This is something that takes practice to be able to not react in situations, but to be observant and understand why we are experiencing this knowledge within the situation - whether we are simply observing via TV screen or computer screen, or we are involved personally; is for a reason for either a) our own spiritual growth, or b) a karmic experience that needs to be fulfilled. Being aware of our feelings, reactions, thoughts, and being conscious of our Selves and stopping our Selves before we speak or pass a judgement without first thinking what the consequences could produce, will help us in time act naturally to this state. It is a matter of creating habit - in time, habit becomes 1st nature. And through this habit, we align ourselves more with our Spiritual
Selves, and in doing this, we also open ourselves to more opportunities and further Spiritual growth in teaching and in learning, which is our purpose for being here upon this earth, having this human experience, at this very moment in time.


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  1. i was having this discussion w/ myself yesterday..had spoken w/someone who said they 'hated' someone (who committed terrible things)-they r not yet ready to accept that holding this type of thought is not good for them or anyone else. thank you for sharing..know/believe that one day they will get it.namaste

    1. Each person is ready in their own time. Some, may not be ready through this entire lifetime, but that too may be their lesson to learn here. Keep living your life in releasing and letting go, allowing things to "flow" over you instead of sticking to you; because each experience has a reason. Sometimes, we cannot see the reason readily in front of us, but in time, when we look back, we can "get it". And other times, it becomes where we no longer need to have a "reason", it just simple is and simply happened. But we have grown enough, released it, that it does not have such importance to dissect as it once did. :)