Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Not a "Crisis". It's an "Awakening".

When we hold back our truth, allow ourselves to be directed to those things which are for other's best interest (or possibly what they feel is best for us), or we don't stand up for ourselves, we fall prey to sickness that is created from stress.

This will be manifested in lack of sleep. Diet becomes poor. And soon our minds become overwhelmed with cloudiness. This can lead to depression and manifest into physical dis-ease - all the way from common cold to more disastrous manifestations.

Should you find yourself in this place, you must put on the brakes. Go within and find out if it is "worth it" - and I will tell you here and now, if you are feeling this lousy, it is NEVER 'worth it'. So, stop it. Just stop. Create change.

Often, we refuse to make the change for FEAR of the unknown. As EGO-driven human beings, we have become so over-consumed with the need of exact planning and knowing, that we end up imprisoning ourselves in the very notion of the things in which we hoped to find freedom.

Giving up this FEAR, relinquishing hold of that need for total and complete control, is in itself, freedom. It is in this manner that we break free from the bonds that have kept us shackled and made us sick.

This is why, often you will hear of stories of individuals in their "middle-age" years, suddenly creating some massive changes. The world looks in and calls this "mid-life crisis". The individuals experiencing this will tell you that they never felt so free, and "carefree" in their lives. To wake up in the morning with a big smile and just allowing life to happen. Living in the moment, and not worrying about the next moment. This is Awakening to the bigger picture of Realisation that life is for living and experiencing, not for striving and dying.

These individuals experiencing this sort of freedom, often start to look better. They look younger, more refreshed, revitalized and they truly enjoy life. Those who continue on living this way, experience long-term positive consequences. They will change their diets, exercise routines, and start to live in the moment rather than live for the moment. Often, you will hear them express a little hint of regret that they wished they had come to this place of realisation "years ago".

When you come to an understanding that this is nothing more than an Awakening, how can these actions be seen as a "crisis"? It can only been seen as such by those who are still chained to the conveyor belt of societies notions and dictates of what human beings on this earth "should" and "shouldn't" do, or how we should be and live.

When you begin to feel the dis-ease of conformity and the ill-health that is brings with it, what is actually happening in these reactions, is the Universe informing you that you are not on the right path. You are focused too strongly in steering the course rather than giving it up to the Universe to direct and steer for you.

The moment you create that change and give yourself up, and over to the Universe to direct your flow, and you begin to take the action in the right direction, all stress and dis-ease created from the subconscious ceases.

When you know that the Universe is a part of you and your flow in alignment with It taps you in to great abundance, it is the moment that your trust and faith becomes turned on. It no longer becomes a cognitive "trust" and "faith" as we humans express it, but a simple Be-ing in the Knowing, this is when the obstacles no longer exist and we are completely free to live our lives. We become free to simply Be and enjoy Be-ing. We are no longer held captive by what society deems is necessary or needed.

When the energy that we place on financial success is removed, and when we remove that "need" for financial success, we find that we are wealthier than we ever imagined. In knowing and understanding that wealth, it is amazing how it begins to manifest into physicality so that we are never in need. Should we then find moments when we do have a need, in our awakened state-of-being, we find comfort in simply knowing that the "need" is taken care of and the Universe has provided.

You not only feel like you have lost tremendous weight, but the stress in your life immediately disappears. When you are now in "this" place, abundance of all kinds begin to flow to you in the right-actions you are taking. 

It is in that moment that our eyes open to this truth, we become transformed Be-ings of Light experiencing physicality, that we can truly enjoy this experience, and all experience that this journey of being a physical entity upon this earth brings.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Discourse On Healing

A young woman was not feeling her usual energetic and upbeat self, so she went to see her Guru and asked the Guru, "Please tell me, what is illness...?"

The guru replied, "Illness is the dis-ease of the physical body; those negative things which the (Inner) Self no longer wishes to be a part of, therefore manifesting them into a physical state in order to be removed from “its” presence."

The young woman then asked, "If the ‘Self’ is pure love by nature, why does it manifest such things within our bodies, creating us to feel unwell or endure pain?"

Guru: "Imagine your life. Think over the days, the months, the years - even the minutes and seconds - that you have lived upon this earth. And through these years, you have had experiences that have created discomfort within your heart and your mind, bringing about a state of “dis” ease.

“These things which have occurred, have been nothing more than lessons for your ‘Self’ to encounter as experience garnered and understanding realized, in the progression towards Self-Realization.

“As the human mind is conditioned to operate, it holds onto these things. It feeds the experiences with emotion, and in so doing, it feeds EGO. The more EGO is fed, the further away from the connection to Self - hence "Edging God out".

“As it continues to hold on to these experiences, and emotion then feeds into the experience now creating a "situation" which is negative, it begins to expand in size, shape, and then begins to find itself  taking form. Where can this form and physical entity go, since it is the human mind that has created it within the consciousness? It must take physical form within the body.

“When the Self finally has enough of this cycle of creating those things which need not be created, it then sends a message of dis-comfort and ill-ease. This then sends an individual to see a physician who can then diagnose the problem, and help to remove it from the body."

The young woman asked, "Guru… how can someone remove these things?"

The Guru replied, "Ahh, herein lay the answers.

“When you imagine a ball of physical energy within an encapsulated space, mixed together with the physical presence of cells, it begins to form a tangible creation. You can then turn to a physician to remove this tangible creation from your body - either by cutting it out, or by taking medications to remove it; sometimes, spiritual removal may be necessary for the physical to be removed. But always, the spiritual removal, and the physical removal, must occur by change in attitude and action.

“When you have created something out of no-thing, you can then destroy ‘that’ which you have created, by simply redirecting knowingness in a different direction."

The girl asked, "Guru, what must change to destroy that which has been created?"

The Guru replied, "Mindset.

“When you understand that each experience that has happened in your lifetime is nothing more than a process for the Self to grow, by having that experience, and you can understand that the experience happened through you, and not to you, you can begin the process of healing the dis-eased physical body.

“The more attention and energy that you give to an experience, creating it into a situation with emotion, the bigger it will grow and the harder it will take hold.

“In realizing that while the Self is the driver of this physical vessel, and the experiences which occur are very real, when one can separate Self from the physical entity, one can then understand and realize that the experiences are not happening to Us, the spirit, but to us, the physical.

“In order for the Self to gain these experiences for progression in learning, it must open the physical up to the opportunity for these experiences. And while many of these experiences may seem unpleasant, one must also understand that they are happening at the exact moment in time and space, for a reason. It must happen this way.

“When you can understand this, and you can take the energy of these experiences and ball them up tightly, placing a bubble around them, and then releasing them to the Universe, knowing that in releasing and in forgiving (which is a major part of releasing), then the process of healing and manifesting correct health to the physical body, is underway.

“Of course, eating correctly and maintaining the conscience self to inner-Self connection, this will enable correct health to persevere."

The girl asked, "Guru, why is it sometimes that dis-ease cannot be removed from the body?"

The Guru replied, "Because, on some level, one has not completely let go and removed the energy feed connected to EGO. The dis-ease in itself may create the situation, which continues to feed EGO with emotion and acceptance of the diagnosis. And this, in and of itself, can become the greatest lesson."