Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're All Perfect

In the past, I have often spoken about labels, but I felt inspired to speak about this again, and to also extend this a little further - to the seeking of the label of "perfection". I want to speak about those labels that we assign ourselves, and those that we assign to others. It seems, our species is one where we feel uncomfortable simply accepting individuals, without having to place others in a category.

It also feels as if we assign guilt to ourselves through these labels. And the labelling and the self-guilt imposition, seems to also go hand-in-hand.

A friend recently divulged to me that they felt guilty because another friend was a drug addict, and that they had helped to perpetuate the addiction. And even though, the friend who is addicted had forgiven my friend their part in the addiction, my friend still held on to that guilt.

I told my friend that in any situation, barring that they had tied the friend down and stuck a needle full of drugs into their arm, the other person always has a choice. They can choose to fall into the trap of drugs, or they can choose to say "No".

This is the same with every situation in life. We can choose to fall into the trap of... (fill in the blank), or we can choose to say no.

If we get upset at something someone says, we are choosing to allow the other person to have an affect over us, and choosing to react to the words said.

How does all this go hand-in-hand with labeling? For one, when we label ourselves, we are giving other people permission to see us as the label portrays us. So for instance, if I were to keep saying "I Am fat... I really need to lose weight... Have you seen this extra tire around my waist?... etc"; I am giving others the label in which to see me as, instead of seeing me as simply, "Leyla".

Seeing a friend as an "addict" is still placing them into a category and a label. For us to be able to break free of the labels, we first need to stop placing labels and categories on ourselves, and others, and simply just see. What action they (or we) are taking in our lives, does not indivdiualize us as that label. We are still individuals Be-ings.

Another example, I wear a head scarf which identifies me to others as a Muslim. And while that is my religious path, it is not my identifier. In fact, those who know me, know that I identify more with my spirituality than what my religion labels me as. I embrace all goodness, in all paths, and above all, I am connected deelply with my Creator. I wear the head scarf for my own deeply personal reasons. But because we live in a society of labels and categories, people see me and stop and stare. Some smile, and some look upon me in fear, simply for wearing a scarf. Those who follow me, have followed me for years, and have heard me speak, etc., will know that there truly is nothing to fear in me. In fact, when I observe someone look at me in fear, or stopping dead in their tracks to scope me out, I tend to smile widely at them and say "Hello". I choose to not fall into the realm of the label they are placing on me, and instead choose to embrace them into my energy of love and openness. How they choose to react to my offer of acceptance and extension of that embrace, is up to them.

Another label many strive for, is the label of "perfection". What we don't realise and see, is that at this very moment, we are each perfect already. We are each exactly where we are supposed to be on our individual journeys through this earth experience. Some of us are in a place where we are filled with sorrow, or surrounded by anger and we wonder "how is this perfect?". It is perfect because right at this very minute, what you are going through is a lesson in experience. In the next minute, or two, or three, this very lesson may be used to help another person. It may be that we are fulfilling karma from past moments in this life, or previous lives. Every moment, every instant, has a specific purpose. And because of that, it is perfect.

So we do not need to "strive" for perfection, we already attain it.

Perfection is often seen from an earthly viewpoint of having everything we desire. But the truth is, when we remove all matter and substance, and we become that of our true nature, which is simply energy, we are already in perfection. We already have everything we desire, because we are in everything and everything, is in us. We are a part of the Creator, the energy mass that we also call God, and in that we are each, all already, perfect.



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