Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime Ecstasy

Today is a glorious Sunday in the Valley of the Sun.

After yesterday's rain, hail, and cold temperatures it has freshened things up. The wind is blowing a little more than lightly and it sings its song through the leaves of the trees, and dances off the wind chimes whose soft voice intermingles with the sweet song of the birds chirping away.

The breeze is cool, the skies, a brilliant azure with a puff of white cloud here and there. It is a sky that one can get lost in as it draws you in to its beauty and depth. Stories of the ages whispered into your being as you raise further and further into the magic of the vortex.

I dream of laying out on the lush green grass in the garden, its softness awakening my senses as I feel the little bristles of individual blades of grass gently poking my bare skin. The wind rushes over me while the sun touches my skin in the places the cool breeze has brushed, lending it warmth to the game. It is an erotic dance of the senses, hot and cold licking and teasing my body. Mother Nature in her finest and Spring-time truly bursting forth in a dance of fertility, love, and passion. This dance raises in fervor until the shudder of chills and ecstasy bursts in pure energy orgasm, delighting the senses intermingling with the theme of the season,  amplifying the intensity in the beauty of this day.  

Spring-time moments of beauty, passion, and enjoyment are what entice me on this beautiful Sunday.

Taking a mere moment in reflection of the nature that is around us, the passion in the season, the beauty of the moment, and the enjoyment that is life.

©Leyla Hur
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  1. Wow masha'Allah Leyla! You are an awesome writer! The way you described everything, I could feel it!! :) I'm a fan of you now! <3

  2. Thank you dear Natasha! I am glad that I was able to touch you with my imagery and words. :) XOs