Thursday, May 5, 2011

One of the Best Articles on Osama bin Laden's Death I Have Read

Dawud Wharnsby writes an inspiring article
Sometimes, a new tab with a story appears on my screen and I have no recollection on how it got there. I know that somewhere, somehow, I clicked on something and it appeared. But when, how, and who originated the link that I clicked on in some oblivious moment, I have no idea.

Most often, what appears is some silly little story or notation that either makes me raise an eyebrow and wonder "what was I thinking?", but there are some times that I read what is on this magically appeared tab and think "WOW!"

Tonight, I had that exact reaction... "WOW!"

The article in question, "Was Osama bin Laden My Neighbour?" was written by Dawud Wharnsby, a Canadian-born singer, songwriter who is living in Pakistan; to be precise, he lives in Abbottabad. Why does that name strike instant recognition to your cognition? Because it was the town that Osama bin Laden was recently found and killed.

In his article, he talks about waking up to heavy gun fire and explosions, learning about OBL's killing from friends in the USA via phone call. His journey through that day and the reactions of the people in his town, reactions of his neighbours and of the Afghan refugees that live in his town

It is a brilliantly written and incredibly inspiring article, filled with true human compassion, and complete love for fellow-human beings.

I highly suggest and recommend your reading the article and digesting some most impacting, and yet practical suggestions on what we ALL can do to make a difference in our world.

I really loved this article, and the only words I could truly articulate after reading it through, was a simple "WOW!" This is completely tear-jerking with inspiration and compassion-type experience from a first-hand experience.

Click the hyper-links above to connect directly over. Looking forward to reading your comments and responses to Dawud Wharnsby's piece.

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